Poem for WORD!

  • And the word was made flesh
    As poet after poet
    Stepped onto the stage
    Breathed in deeply
    And uttered sound
    Sound with meaning
    Spoken as though dreaming
    Sound that chanted stories
    Told of our glories
    Words coloured always by truth

    And whether speaking or listening
    We dried our tears
    Laughed out loud
    Holding onto our silence

    A few introduced themselves
    As virgin speakers
    Most carried a late cross
    Up a mountain of rhymes
    And words flowed like rivers after rainfall
    Carving out ground
    Echoing sound

    As the flesh was made WORD!
    And dwelled among us

    Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze,
    Poem for WORD!
    Premiered on 5 July 2018