Q&A with Cathi Rae

  • Wed, Apr 20, 2022

  • This Thursday (21.04.22) WORD! at Attenborough Arts will be supported by an emerging group of spoken word artists, coming out of Attenborough Arts Centre, and facilitated by poet and performer, Cathi Rae. WORD!'s Abi Willock caught up with Cathi on her work with the group.

    Abi: Can you tell us about the group you’re leading- how did it all start?

    Cathi: The group are the result of a short course at Attenborough Arts...as an experienced and mildly recognised spoken word artist, I wanted to encourage people who had little or no previous experience of writing or performing to feel able to feel confident in both writing and entering the spoken word scene. The course focussed on understanding what makes a good spoken word poem, technical writing skills, peer support and learning and basic performance techniques.

    Abi: The group recently performed at Some-Antics - what was that experience like?

    Cathi: Members of the class performed @someantics...they were extremely supportive of each other, worked hard to produce really good quality work and all of them were delighted by the experience and the extremely positive responses they received. I felt like a proud parent! Since that night, members of the group have returned to Someantics to perform as individuals in the open mic slots.

    Abi: We’re so pleased to be formally hosting the group's final showcase! Because we're Warren Beatty, how might you describe us to them and others?

    Cathi: @Wordlesta @attenboroughAC is deservedly one of the longest running spoken word events in the UK. I love it's mix of absolutely cutting edge/best practice headliners, it's truly accessible open mic slots and of course its support for emerging and new voices within the spoken word scene.

    Abi: Do you remember the first poem you ever wrote?

    Cathi: I can't remember the first poem I wrote, I've been writing on and off for over 40 years. I'm probably best known for the poem "Your cleaner hates you"

    Abi: Who is you’re biggest inspiration in the world of spoken word?

    Cathi: The spoken word and so much more poet whose work I love and return to again and again is Joelle Taylor.

    Cathi was talking to WORD!'s Abi Willock. To purchase tickets for WORD! with Rishi Dastidar and Cathi Rae's presented showcase call Attenborough Art's Box Office on 0116 252455 or visit https://attenborougharts.com