WORD! Q & A with Robert Ferguson

  • Tue, Nov 28, 2023

  • This Thursday, 30.11.23 - writer and speaker, Robert Ferguson comes to WORD! from Birmingham - to headline our access and (dis)ability themed special. WORD!  caught up with him in advance...

    WORD!: How did you first get in to writing and poetry?

    Robert: Mostly by reading anything and everything that passes before my eyes, everywhere.

    WORD!: Prior to practicing seriously as a writer you had a career in the Civil Service, academia and management. Has working in such very different areas had any impact on you as a writer and if so how?

    Robert: By providing a huge range of experiences and memories on which to draw now.

    WORD!: Do you feel your experience of disability influences your work? 

    Robert: Yes indeed, by observing both my current limitations and those of other people, and comparing them with the apparent attitudes and behaviours of those not similarly affected.

    WORD!: What advice might you give to other older and/or writers living with access needs - trying to develop their writing or artistic practice?

    Robert: Join several different on-line poetry groups, listen and learn, and don’t be shy to share your product and let others criticise it.

    WORD!: Do you have any tips for motivating yourself to write? How do you keep going?

    Robert: The demands of poetry group membership drive me. Best tip - just let it flow!

    WORD!: What are you reading at the moment?

    Robert: whatever comes to hand, rubbish and advertisements included. 

    Robert will headline WORD! at Attenborough Arts Centre on Thursday 30th November 2023. To book tickets, ring the box office on 0116 252 24 55 or online via Attenborough Arts Centre's website. 

    To find out more about WORD!s regular, free, Wednesday WORD!s group, drop a line to [email protected]