Wednesday WORD!s with John Constantinou

  • This PAST event happened on: Wed, Nov 16, 2022

  • Venue:online
  • Time:10.30am
  • Cost:Free

  • @import url(;@import url(/preview/styles-cuteeditor.css); This week join us for a magical Wednesday WORD! - exploring magic, escapology and creative writing - with magician, poet and educator, John Constantinou.

    John Constantinou is a member of the Wednesday WORD!s Collective and has had a near 30-year career in education. He started as a college lecturer for a number of years before retraining as a careers adviser, moving into the Higher Education sector at the University of Leicester for 20 years before taking early retirement. He fulfilled a variety of roles at the university all of which involved considerable amounts of lecturing, workshopping, and facilitating skills sessions - a background that is useful in this context. 

    John’s background as a magician will heavily inform the themes of this week’s session. The workshop will be suitable for all levels but no experience is required - of writing, magic, or escapology… 


    Image description 

    A black and white photograph of the escapologist, Houdini. He is pictured faced forward in a standing position, naked apart from a spotted loin cloth and set of interlinking padlocks and chains. The chains restrict his body so that he is slightly hunched over, with a chain going from one arm to another via the back of his neck. His hands are bound in front of him. There is another padlocked chain around his middle and another round his neck, this last secured by a larger lock. The Wednesday WORD! logo is position on top right hand corner of the image. Along the bottom of the image runs the line: ‘REGISTER VIA [email protected]

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