Photo by Andrew Lee;

Come to WORD!

If you’re football, premier league
beginning to feel a little relieved
we’ve got a sonnet for that.

If your girlfriend’s mailed a letter
and your name’s John, first name, Dearest,
we’ve got the pentameter.

If you’re angry, blame the government,
take a stand, we’ve got the stanzas.

If your life is feeling fine.
If your heart is fixed with twine.
If you’re free on a Thursday night..

Bring your husband.
Bring your wife.
Bring your dog if it’s imaginary,
there’s a policy on children and animals.
Come bearing gifts of iambic and verse
Come if you love, come if you yearn
Come if you hate it, especially you
Roses are red, we’ve got the best tunes
Come on your own
Come as you are.
You bring the words.
We’ll drop the mic.


Lydia Towsey