Wednesday WORD!s with Teagan Buckley

  • This PAST event happened on: Wed, Nov 23, 2022

  • Venue:Online
  • Time:10.30
  • Cost:Free

  • Join us with Teagan Buckley for this exciting session ahead of our December 1st 'International Day of People with Disabilities'. We will test the concept of ability and (dis)ability, and the appearance - and/or sometimes non-appearance or non-visibility - of disability. 

    What do we call disability? Let’s think of all the things that get included in that, and things that tend not to be included in our definitions. We will produce new work reframing ability with a “montage” approach taking in the reality that everyone is good at some things, and everyone might struggle with other things. 

    We’ll consider whether our experience of wide-ranging ability is always recognised, seen, visible, accommodated, or otherwise non-visible. We’ll express in a new piece, what we wish we could make visible about ourselves. 

    We’ll think about times when our strengths and 'weaknesses' have collided and we’ve had to confront challenges, which according to the Social Model of Disability, we can see as created by society.  

    We’ll consider poems in a staircase structure, placing words that resonate to us on each, ending on what we find is less visible to others. We’ll have produced works reclaiming and reframing ability and hope to speak quietly powerful truths to ourselves and others.

    Email [email protected] to book your free place and receive a login. 

    If you have any access needs please get in touch in advance.


    About Teagan:

    Teagan Buckley (BA, MA) is a poet and artist from Leicester, England. She is influenced by studies in Film and her experience of disability as someone with cerebral palsy. A fan of cartoons, coffee and music, she is interested in the under-served complexities of intersections of gender and disability - Disability and LGBTQIA A activism.