Wednesday WORD! with Teagan Buckley

  • This PAST event happened on: Wed, Nov 30, 2022

  • Venue:online
  • Time:10.30am

  • Join us with Teagan Buckley for this exciting session ahead of our December 1st 'International Day of People with Disabilities'... 

    Recommended materials: magazines (glossy, celebrity articles, newspaper supplement etc) 

    Have you ever thought about times when your “ability” to do something simply didn’t matter as much as your joy in expression? With consideration for accessibility needs, we will draw from the “outsider art” conversation, and question authenticity and ability as defined by others. 

    We will look to celebrity culture of persons at least partly defined by ability, and will raise questions of how ability as well as (dis)ability, is romanticised and sold as inspirational. Our own experiences of ability will serve to deconstruct how ability is spoken of in popular media. “lionising lines” and words from media will be embraced and interrogated in a new piece, confronting us with realities to access when sharing our skills. This new piece could radically face the cross-section of class, disability, and other factors, bringing in many potential tonal possibilities.

    Email [email protected] to book your free place and receive a login.  

    If you have any access needs please get in touch in advance. 

    About Teagan: 

    Teagan Buckley (BA, MA) is a poet and artist from Leicester, England. She is influenced by studies in Film and her experience of disability as someone with cerebral palsy. A fan of cartoons, coffee and music, she is interested in the under-served complexities of intersections of gender and disability - Disability and LGBTQIA A activism.