Brandon Oliver

  • Role:AfterWORD! Host
  • Introduction:Brandon has a real great knack of pissing people off, and it is brilliant.

    He can save on electricity by smiling in a room, which he chooses to do a lot. His belly is the sign of good wealth and happiness is in his heart, his feet stay firmly on the ground (even when he has fallen flat on his back).

    People say that Brandon is a good listener, and his trick to doing this is usually to have a daydream in the middle of the conversation...about words...about YouTubers.

    He’ll do this for a while before the other person’s words come echoing into his brain and zap him back to reality, and he’s found out that all the words have sunk in anyway, and he can now project an answer with all the use of his voice: a machine gun of confidence tumbling over each other and filling the other person’s brain up to capacity.

    And then, before he knows it, the conversation is over. Brandon is also part of The Bradgate Writers' facilitating team.