• Movers

    Hey Bob
    our Bob
    get a move on Bob
    hey Bob
    such a heat
    but we’re moving to the beat
    we’re counting out the time
    we’re steping in line
    Hey Bob
    play the music
    we’re waiting for the change
    it’s all in our range
    wake up
    we’re the movers
    we make our own pace
    step up
    we’re the shakers
    the best of our race
    we’re concentrating hard
    as we move through the story
    from the clockwork doll
    into a silent movie
    you can see it on our faces
    we’re enjoying ourselves
    it’s alot to remember
    but somehow it gells
    from one scene to another
    we’re working as a team
    with the music there to guide us
    this is our dream
    don’t take your eyes off us
    or you’ll miss what we say
    perhaps we’ll win the lottery
    is this our lucky day?
    from statues to beasts
    it’s the end of our tale
    now here we are again
    this is our finale
    hey Bob
    our Bob
    did we get it right this time?
    hey Bob
    our Bob

    You’re all doing fine.

    Jean Binta Breeze MBE
    For WORD! and The Lyric Lounge on the occasion of the 2008 Special Olympics