• The wonderful ways of daffodils
    That just seem to have sprung there
    When you’re passing a particular place -
    And one day they’re not there,
    And the next day they are -
    They’ve just appeared overnight,
    And the dandelions as well,
    As a kid I’d pick one to tell the time.

    And then there’s the yellow - pollen yellow,
    Buttercup yellow and the sun is yellow -
    But not the grass - the grass is green
    Growing and in need of a mowing
    And the daylight rains down.
    And it can have quite a sharpness to it
    Before more watery, but now, sharp and bright.

    I like to dog walk in the rain.
    I like to pretend that we’re tourists under a familiar sun.
    I like to trampoline to shed off the winter weight.
    I like to dance with my dogs
    And clean the house.
    I like to remember the rebirth of Jesus in the spring
    And holiday to see loved ones.
    I like to see the duty free chocolate.
    I like to eat the duty free chocolate.
    You can get a double yolk
    But not a double yolker Easter egg.

    I love the spring.
    I’m looking forward to summer.


    A group poem by patients and staff on Heather Ward, Glenfield Hospital, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust.