Competition Time!

  • Wed, Jan 1, 2020

  • It's competition time - with a nod to last week’s wonderful IRL WORD! at Attenborough Arts Centre, ft. Rishi Dastidar - and also this week’s #WORDprompt of ‘micropoetry’ (itself inspired by Rishi’s brilliant IRL workshop on the subject)…

    Post/tag us into your own original micro-poems - on Facebook or Twitter (@WordLesta), Facebook (search 'WORD!') - or mail them to [email protected] We’ll pick a ‘favourite’ and its writer will receive this boundary pushing star of a prize - Rishi’s latest book, Saffron Jack (ironically, written as one long narrative poem!)

    Praised by everyone from the Guardian, to Dalgit Nagra. Niven Govinden describes it as:

    ‘A bravura meditation on crown and country, borders, and what it means to belong’

    Send us your micro-poems - on this or any theme by May 6th - we'll announce the 'winner' (all things being subjective and all contributions valued) during the week commencing May 9th.

    Send us you micros! We’d really love to see, hear or read them - and share Jack (Saffron) #saffronjack

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