Q & A with Pete `the Temp` Bearder

  • Thu, Jul 21, 2022

  • Pete Bearder is a critically-acclaimed poet, spoken world artist and author. His most recent book Stage Invasion: Poetry and the Spoken Word Renaissance was referred to as ‘the book we’ve all been waiting for’ by Ian McMillan. His show, Hip Hop to Homer, will give a taste of that. WORD!'s Abi Willock caught up with him for an exclusive interview.

    Abi: How did you first start performing spoken word poetry?

Pete: I went to a poetry slam in 2006 and found myself engaged emotionally, intellectually, politically and musically. I was like, WOW I want to do this.

Abi: Can you tell me about the writing process of your latest book - Stage Invasion?

    Pete: Obsession. Love. Routine. Feedback. Editing. Editing. Editing. Faith.

    Abi: Can you tell me what we can expect from your show Homer to Hip Hop?

    Pete: Expect to laugh, sing, chant and swim in the inspiration of the giants on whose shoulders we stand


Abi: What would you say is the proudest moment in your career so far?

    Pete: Stage diving into a crowd of 5000 people after a poem at Glastonbury. I don't know if that was my greatest achievement, but it was pretty rock n roll. 

    Abi: What advice would you give to aspiring poets?

    Pete: Read. Get critical feedback. Get in the ring. Be prepared to get knocked down. Keep getting back in.  

    Abi: What are you reading right now - any recommendations?

    Pete: Robert Bly, Rumi, Thick Richard. 

    Peter 'the Temp' Bearder will headline WORD! and Renaissance One's 'Spoken Word Summer Party' on Thursday 21st July at Leicester's LCB Depot. To book tickets, head to Eventbrite - or you buy on the door.