Q&A with Helen Seymour

  • Wed, Feb 1, 2023

  • This Thursday, 02.02.23 - writer and performer, Helen Seymour comes to WORD! to headline our access and (dis)ability themed special. WORD!'s Abi Willock caught up with her in advance...

    Abi: How did you first get in to writing and poetry?

    Helen: The real answer is creative writing society at uni, and then doing slams, and then wanting to develop a longer show that combined poetry with alternative comedy and a play. But that's quite dry so let's pretend a witch came over my house once and did a big old writing spell on me in exchange for a jammy dodger.

    Abi: How do you feel your disability influences your work?

    Helen: I mean in many ways it doesn't at all, but then obviously if I'm writing something true about my life it's likely  gonna be in there in some way. I certainly don't want to edit it out, but sometimes I want to talk about jammy dodgers, and so it doesn't really feature!

    Abi: What advice might you give to other disabled writers pursuing a career in poetry?

    Helen: Same advice to all writers - don't be afraid to get it wrong, to mess up, to give up, to change it up, to be different to other people... It's all a big learning curve. Also, in general, try not to take it too seriously!

    Abi: Do you have any tips for performing spoken word?

    Helen: Sort of same as above! But I'd add that it's important to make sure you're supported off the stage by friends, family, therapist etc. if you are doing something that is a big subject for you, just to keep yourself as healthy and safe as possible.

    Abi: What are you reading at the moment?

    Helen: Mrs Death Misses Death by Salena Godden, great stuff!

    Helen Seymour will headline WORD! at Attenborough Arts Centre on Thursday 2nd 2023. To book tickets, ring the box office on 0116 252 24 55 or online via Attenborough Arts Centre's website.