Bogside Story - and other tales of truth and reconciliation

  • Bogside Story - and other tales of truth and reconciliation - is a collection of poetry and artwork responding to the People’s Gallery, a series of twelve outdoor murals located in the Bogside neighbourhood of Derry, Northern Ireland. Painted by ‘The Bogside Artists’ a trio of artists from Derry, brothers Tom and William Kelly, and Kevin Hasson, the murals tell the story of the events surrounding the Northern Ireland Troubles as they unfolded within the Bogside community - from the Battle of the Bogside and Bloody Sunday, to the historic peace accord.

    In Bogside Story’s connecting poems and artworks, such historical events are remembered alongside a number of other connected narratives.

    The book has been edited by Lydia Towsey - and facilitated by her and many others, including Tim Sayers; the artist, Jo Sheppard and writers Peter Buckley, Brandon Oliver, Jonathan Hurley.

    Its brilliant work has been created by artists and writers using mental health services and attending award winning projects led by BrightSparks Arts in Mental Health charity, in collaboration with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust. The project has been led and instigated by Leicester Cathedral. Like the book’s inspiring source material, its authors and artists speak to the tenets of healing - reflection, enquiry, change and hope - for then, now and the future.

    All proceeds from the sale of 'Bogside Story' will be divided between Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Arts in Mental Health Service - and the community facing work of Leicester Cathedral.

    TRAILER: Click right/below - to see a short but beautifully formed trailer for the book, with readings from several of the authors, and sharing some of the artwork, against a backdrop of specially produced and curated music.